Quality Assurance and Quality Control

At Kawartha Premium Alcohols, we strive for excellence in everything we do – with an uncompromising focus on quality. Our laboratory is equipped with the most sophisticated modern equipment, and staffed with a team of meticulously well-trained, experienced professionals. Our commitment to brand integrity, product availability, and reliability have inspired us to optimize our supply chain function – from the planting of our fields right through to distribution. Kawartha Premium Alcohols’ Quality Management system encompasses the entire production process; this is the foundation of our success in producing a gold-standard product that not only achieves our quality standards, but also those of our most discerning customers.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. We are proactive, solution based, and flexible – always there to respond to enquiries, and committed to addressing any questions or needs that arise.

We are proud to meet the following specifications and certifications:

Kawartha Premium Alcohols’ commitment to quality is demonstrated by our registration to ISO 9001:2015.

We manufacture to GMP standards ensuring that our products are consistently produced and controlled.

Kawartha Premium Alcohols’ products are Kosher Certified by Kashruth Council of Canada, the largest kosher certification body in Canada. The COR Kosher symbol is well recognized by kosher consumers in Canada, United States and around the world.

Our Ethyl alcohol products are wheat gluten free, as well as corn gluten free to below the lower detection limits. The distillation process serves to eliminate any residual protein or peptides.

We are proud to manufacture high
quality alcohol solutions in our Canadian
facility that serves local and international