Who we are

Kawartha Premium Alcohols is a leading-edge, independently owned manufacturer of high-quality alcohols, fuel grade ethanol, and associated co-products. As a fully integrated business, we are ready to serve the needs of companies in Canada and around the world.

Our history

In 2007, Kawartha Ethanol began construction of its plant in Havelock, Ontario, and was producing fuel-grade ethanol by 2010. In 2020, they underwent a major expansion allowing the further production of  high-quality alcohol products. The plant was commissioned 2022 and today they sell and market their premium alcohol products through the Kawartha Premium Alcohols’ brand.

Kawartha Premium Alcohols is a division of Kawartha Ethanol Inc., together they are a part of the Drain Bros. group of companies. Drain Bros. was founded in 1971, and is the leading provider of aggregates, asphalt and professional site construction services in the Kawartha’s, with a team of more than 400 employees.

For more information about Drain Bros, please visit their website.

Mission and Values

Our Mission

To be the premier producer of world-class alcohols with a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.



  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Relationships
  • Environment
  • Reliability
  • Inclusion

Our partners

We are committed to delivering excellence to our customers through strategic partnerships with industry leaders.

Our collaboration with Praj Industries, a global pioneer in innovative and sustainable solutions for bioenergy, water, and process industries, is a testament to this commitment. Praj Industries brings unparalleled expertise in industrial biotechnology process engineering, and low-carbon renewable solutions. By leveraging their state-of-the-art technologies, we have optimized our existing operations, transforming them into a cutting-edge, multi-product facility. Praj effectively integrated our equipment to minimize energy waste and maximize the utilization of energy sources. This allowed us to diversify our product portfolio and become a single-source provider of fuel-grade, grain neutral spirit (GNS), USP-grade, and high-quality anhydrous-grade ethanol.

Today, we proudly serve as a comprehensive solution provider, meeting the evolving needs of the market. Our partnership with Praj Industries has allowed us to optimize resource utilization, reduce our carbon footprint, and actively contribute to a greener future. Together, we are committed to building a more sustainable world.

For more information about Praj Industries, please visit their website.

Siemens Canada is another of our invaluable partners. Together, we collaborate to enhance the efficiency and reliability of our high-quality ethanol and alcohol production processes.

Siemens is a globally renowned technology company that provides solutions for industrial automation, digitalization, and sustainability, revolutionizing the way industries operate, and transforming businesses worldwide. By leveraging Siemens’ cutting-edge process automation, instrumentation, and digitalization technologies, Kawartha Premium Alcohols benefits from optimized operations, improved energy utilization, and enhanced product quality. Together, we offer solutions that contribute to the growth and sustainability of the alcohol industry, meeting the changing demands of customers and supporting a greener future.

To learn more about our collaboration with Siemens, watch the adjoining video.